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SPQ partners with clients and quickly develops a thorough understanding of their business. This approach enables the achievement of quality and compliance outcomes that are within the context of their overall business goals and strategies.

Our partnering activities also encompass continuous learning, life sciences investments, and altruism.

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SPQ is committed to continuous learning via independent study and active participation in training courses, seminars, conferences, and other continuing education opportunities that are relevant to our practice disciplines and areas of interest. These learning experiences significantly enhance our ability to contribute to the success of our clients.

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We maintain a portfolio of investments in the life-sciences/biotechnology sector via principal holdings, with a vision of enhancing effectiveness through the use of expert advice, wise counsel, and traditional financial planning and management. We welcome input regarding additional prudent investment opportunities that are consistent with our vision, priorities, and capabilities.
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SPQ contributes a percentage of revenue to charity. We believe in living a life of service to those in need and contributing to humanitarian causes having a real and lasting impact on human health and well-being in areas of significant need.

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